As much as we try to create an instant and lively garden, like fine wine, landscapes need time to mature, grow, and age.  This past June, we were finally able to photograph a project that has been gracefully aging since 2008.  To try and capture the blood, sweat, and tears that went into creating this estate, we had to find a photographer that not only appreciates landscape, but has a creative eye and talent for capturing the essence of place.

Stephen Govel Photography proved the perfect confederate and conspirator to bring into the fold, and we were fortunate to be able to foster our relationship with him further through this process.  Stephen is enthusiastic, energetic, and imaginative.  Even a cursory glance of his work reveals he is not an ordinary photographer.  He sees the world around him with a different perspective than most, and is able to lucidly draw that discernment and talent into his work.

Steve was up before dawn to meet Chuck and Alan at the property.  He patiently waited for the morning sun rise to begin shooting.  A great morning shoot seamlessly segued into an all-day event.  The day ended with everyone braving a strong thunderstorm to get a few extra night shots.  Most of the photographs are posted under our projects page (see Squirrel House), but here are a few of our other favorites…


Natural Stone Slab Steps


Custom Wrought Iron Fence


Stepping Stones


Nice Hanging Pot Detail


Braving the Storm…