Alyssa Feeney

Alyssa graduated from Temple University in 2022 with a Masters in Landscape Architecture. Prior to joining H|LA, Alyssa solidified her connection with nature by working as an environmental educator with Riverbend Nature Center, The Schuylkill Environmental Education Center and The National Audubon Society. Her responsibilities were to create immersive outdoor educational experiences for Philadelphia Area School District students. She also gained professional knowledge in a design/build firm where she was able to become familiar with the technical aspects of landscape architecture. While studying at Temple, Alyssa developed a passion for residential landscape design because it is where she is able bring nature to a client’s doorstep, allowing them to witness the majesty of the natural environment and have an intimate role in their own ecological system.

Alyssa’s passion for design is fueled by her interests in ecology, sociology, education, and art. Her professional focus is to create multifunctional spaces where the built and natural environment can coexist.

Alyssa joined Hess Landscape Architects in September 2022