Hawkin Slusarski

Hawkin earned a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from the Pennsylvania State University in 2019. After working in the design-build sector of the profession, Hawkin joined Hess Landscape Architects in January 2022. During his undergraduate studies, Hawkin developed a worldly understanding of landscape architecture with studio courses in Bonn, Germany and Barcelona, Spain. These experiences have afforded Hawkin the opportunity to understand the importance of the historical context of a location, the way that context works in tandem with social experiences to influence the design process, and how these factors culminate to create experiential spaces of breadth and depth.

Hawkin’s modus operandi takes influence from his unique background in studying human psychology. He understands the way the mind both consciously and subconsciously experiences a space influences its identity to the user. He is committed to understanding and implementing the desired elements of place that are distinct to each individual, and cultivating a landscape that is as tied to the local area as it is to the human experience.