Hayley Murphy

Hayley graduated from Temple University in 2020 with a Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture. While studying at Temple, Hayley began an independent practice in the visual arts, producing an auto-biographical series focused on story-telling in the abstract. Her paintings continue to explore balancing complexity and simplicity, a concept she carries into landscape design. Hayley received an ASLA Merit Award for her collective work as an undergraduate. Prior to joining H|LA, Hayley gained experience with a design-build team where she became acquainted with local materials and solidified her love for residential design.

Hayley’s pursuit of a career in landscape architecture is fueled by her fascination with our unconscious awareness of, and responses to, the environment around us. Her passion is creating hospitable spaces, grounded in simplicity and flexible to the life happening within them.

Hayley joined Hess Landscape Architects in May 2022